High Blood Pressure

Image of blood pressure monitorĎAcupuncture cuts blood pressureí; ĎAcupuncture really works for high blood pressureí, these statements were made in articles shown on BBC news and in the Guardian newspaper. Acupuncture has a relatively specific effect on the control of blood pressure.


Image of blood on fingerScientifically conducted clinical tests in the past 12 years have indicated that acupuncture can help diabetes in the following ways:

Image of man in painIBS

The British Acupuncture Council summarises how acupuncture may be beneficial for IBS. Research has shown that acupuncture can relieve abdominal pain, regulate the motility and sensitivity of the digestive tract, raise the sensory threshold to bowel pain and distention, adjust the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression, significantly improve the symptoms of bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heart burn and food sensitivities.

Image of woman using an astham inhalerAsthma

The World Health Organisation has identified that acupuncture helps asthma. Acupuncture can alter the physiologic processes associated with asthma attack by decreasing concentrations of SIgA, IgA and IgE, strengthen the function of the lungs, improve the immune system and inhibit the allergic reactions.